Many bloggers have made affiliate marketing as their main source of income from their long-term or event blogs. Some bloggers are using it as best alternative of Google Adsense and other ads paying networks. Some people who are considered to be smart enough are using both at the same time to maximize their monthly earnings. If you are an Indian blogger and wants to know what are high and best-paying affiliate networks in India, you have come at a right place, my friend.

affiliate marketing

In this article, I’m going to cover all about this.If you don’t know about affiliate marketing let me explain you something about this.

Affiliate marketing is selling off any kind of product either its digital or materialistic through your referral link and when someone buys this product you are paid a decent amount as commission.

1. Flipkart Affiliate Program


I think there is no Indian who is not aware of this network except a newborn child. Flipkart is one of he most popular and fast-growing shopping network in India and has established its network in whole India. Flipkart is a worth loving shopping website. There was a time when people used to go to buy their favorite things but now they can buy at their home with one click. The best thing about Flipkart is that it offers a great variety of products. You just have to sign up for an affiliate program and you can promote any product you want to. If you have a blog about technology, you can sell electronic gadgets on your blog. Apart from this, it offers commission from 4 to 15% on products. That’s really good! Isn’t it?

What you have to do?

Sign up to Flipkart affiliate program.

Place referral links and banners on your blogs and promote them to earn commission.

Earn commission and get your money to buy your desired things.

2. Amazon

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Amazon is now considered to be one of the most well recognized and an established e-commerce website. There is also a wild variety of products at amazon. In start, amazon affiliate program was only for western people but thanks a lot to them they have started their affiliate programs for Indian people too.

Amazon commission ranges from 4 to 15% these days. More details you can find here

Sign up to Amazon Affiliate Program

The amazing thing about Amazon affiliate program is that you are also paid for other products you are not promoting means shopping done from your product referral link.

3. Ebay Network

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Ebay is one of the most popular websites and also an established e-commerce network spreading day by day.They have a global affiliate program and their program is slightly different from other networks.

You are paid for driving traffic to their website or partner’s website. Means that traffic which can bring them some sales and business.

Sign up to Ebay Affiliate Program

4. Snapdeal

affiliate marketing

Snapdeal started after Flipkart and now bringing the attention of many Indians.Deals at Snapdeal are super cool. They offer discounts on many products and promo’s.

Snapdeal also has an affiliate program. The product commission ranges from 7 to 10 percent to the original price of the product.

Sign up to Snapdeal Affiliate Program

Snapdeal offers discounts and promo code to their product buyers plus cash on delivery. Isn’t good?

5. Infibeam


Infibeam is also one of the most popular and fast growing Indian shopping portal. They also offer a wide range of products.

They have included a magic box in their website where a buyer can search a product at lower price. Isn’t good?

You can also join their affiliate program. Their commission rates are from 1 to 10 percent. The commission rate depends upon the product.

Sign Up to Infibeam Affiliate Program

They offer a toolbar for Installation in your website. If a user does search anything via search toolbar and buys anything, you are paid commission for that specific product.


I proudly recommend Flip kart,Amazon and Snap-deal is the best affiliate high paying network. As they offer a large variety of products at discounted price. Plus for Indian people they have built trust.