What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and SEO audit it’s part, how to adjust, indexing and organize your content to attract more traffic to your sites from search engines like as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

If you have offered a service or using your blog or website to sell something you must to be using SEO. Without it, you would not reach the so much people you should be and you would not have as much traffic to your site as you could. There are great opportunities to well optimize your site from individual pages and images. A great place where you can learn about SEO in the beginner’s guide by MOZ.

SEO auditNow you worry about an SEO audit? Make sure you want to complete the Basics of SEO to your site. This will make it easier if you understand the information you get from the audit.

What is an SEO Audit?

SEO audit is an evaluation of your websites accessibility and searches ranking factors. An SEO audit will include after an analysis of your site as it currently is, as well as recommendations for how to improve and increase to search ranking.

After an SEO audit, you will get a recommendation for ways to improve your website to any search engines. This recommendation will have to include big things, such as suggested keyword, images that would be tagged, list of broken links, URL settings, post title and the length of your content. It will some include suggestions like as whether every title tag is between 50-70 characters. It will suggest putting good URL like as www.update29.com/2017/10 is bad, but www.update29.com/what-is-an-seo-audit is great URL.

While you could not proper audit your site, then you can face the penalty from Google. Always need to proper SEO and audit which can improve search ranking results. Without right way, audit, and SEO Google can penalty on any site from two steps.

  1. Manual penalty and
  2. Animal penalty like as ( Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird )

When you face a manual penalty from the Google it cannot tell anybody at any time. But while Google update algorithm then many websites face penalty action. Someone get for duplicate content and someone gets the penalty for aggressive link building. Who are the new website owner they can SEO audit their sites for going to next step for safety. It gives a result about right or wrong way which they select about SEO. We can know while we select our SEO policy it will be right or wrong.  Right SEO audit can give exact policy before starting your content writing and others act like as On-Page and Off-Page-SEO.

Why Important SEO Audit?

1. How you stay in a long time to search engine you can know about it from the SEO audit.

2. While you start a new website for your online business then you should protect it from the different attack. If you take last information about it you can proper SEO audit then you will get a proper result.

3.  How to improve websites authority, SEO audit can give its proper steps.

4. What’s the situation your website for the search engine can you get its result.

5. How to possible increase your sell to online basis and how to possibly increase your lead can know about it from this audit.

6. How to get more targeted traffic from the online that you can select from the audit.

7. While you will get then you can take action on all results which you got already. Particularly for search engine ranking.

8. Really can crawl every page your websites by the robot and which page already crawled or which page without crawled you can know from the SEO audit. Which pages indexed or no indexed we can know it from the audit.

While you informed about above all results then you can understand what should you. Actually, SEO audit is big plan for getting a trusted result about a website. So anyone can not research SEO audit, it should be the SEO expert. Who can give proper audit result?

Many of freelancer instant start in any websites audit for getting the right or wrong situation. Which is a totally wrong process because the audit is not short time process. So when we take audit project to websites then we select a well-known person who can know all about it.

Subjects of SEO audit

1. Algorithm Changes

Always search engines announcing their update algorithm. So how to adjust your websites to the last changes algorithm SEO audit give this result properly like as auditing major part. As a result, if you don’t face any other problems while Google updates.

SEO Audit

2. Webmaster Guideline

All search engines in the world have their own rules and regulation for the search ranking. If you break that’s rules you can know about this from the audit report. If you already break this rules after then what you should for next step you can take from the audit reports.

3. Website Error

It is the most important options in SEO audit report. From the exact audit, you have known to websites error, broken links, and many others, because if you don’t take proper SEO techniques then search engines don’t read everything. If your website will error it is the major problem for your sites. So it has no credit if you publish valuable content on your site if it error site.

4. Title and Meta tag

Meta and title tag is most important not only for search engine but also for all visitors. SEO audit reports can give priority this function. So always should take exact title and tag.

5. Outdated Content

While change times then change all search algorithms, so publish your updated content or edited content for search engine results. SEO audit helps you that how to re-edit your content and how to possibly get top search engine ranks.

SEO Audit Check List

On-Page Optimization

  • Title tag optimization
  • Meta description
  • Pages title and description
  • Audit without title and meta description
  • Content analysis
  • Keyword variation
  • Primary keyword and tag optimization
  • Image and tag optimization
  • URL optimization
  • Clean URL
  • Short URL and Long URL

About Content Audit

  • Homepage content optimization
  • Landing page optimization
  • Proper keyword targeting
  • Keyword cannibalization
  • User content
  • Headline and blog post
  • Content vs ads
  •  Content formatting

Duplicate Content Checkout

  • URL parameter track
  • Duplicate content check
  • Subdomain duplicate content
  • Site secure version
  • Print page check

Accessibility and Index Checking

  • Robot.txt check
  • JavaScript, CSS, and Cookies
  • Use agent Google bot

Site Architecture and Internal Linking

  • How much link to pages
  • Vertical linking structure
  • Horizontal linking structure
  • In the content linking
  • Footer linking
  • Internal anchor text
  • Broken links

Audit Technical Issues

  • 301 redirection properly
  • Bad redirection
  • Leverage redirect chain
  • Using JavaScript
  • Using Iframe
  • Using Flash
  • Webmaster tool and error check
  • XML Sitemap
  • Canonical version
  • Proper reel canonical
  • Relative URL

Site Speed Check

  • Loading time on the main page
  • Compression in able
  • Caching in able
  • Image Optimize
  • CSS/JS/HTML minify
  • Using CDN

Mobile Checkup

  • Mobile experience review
  • Different analytic using
  • Mobile redirection

Globally Checkup

  • International URL Review
  • Country base webmaster tool target setup
  • Country relevance country target
  • URL structure native

Google Analytics Checkup

  • Analytics tracking code setup
  • GA property
  • Internal search
  • Demography tracking setup
  • Adword and Adsense proper link check
  • Internal IP address
  • UTM campaign Parameter
  • Event tracking parameter

Further Some Important Tools

  • Web developer tools
  • User-agent add-on
  • Firebug
  • Link checker
  • SEO book toolbar
  • MOZ bar
  • Technical mobile practice

Final word

Hope all of the webmasters could clear what importance of SEO audit and why need it after some days or months. But should remember all of us anyone can not complete audit on any site. For this, need an expert search engine optimizer. So I highly recommended for SEO audit can a site achieve top place in any search engine ranking. If anyone reached a top place in search engine then they will be a better brand in the online world. If you have any question about this comment below and get the proper answer. If it will useful to you then share it with others.

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