SEO is the backbone of any website and on-page-SEO techniques are most important part of total SEO. Without it, we can not think any success from any blog or website. Now I will discuss here 5 Basic On-Page-SEO Techniques success for blogging. Search engine giant Google and others search engine show different post when we search there. But we maximum don’t know what’s factor will do better for search results. It’s called search engine optimization. But it has two parts just On-Page-SEO techniques or Optimization and OffPage Optimization. On-Page Optimization is one of the most important parts of total SEO. If you put better On-Page SEO in your content then you finished about 80% SEO. From the Google, you can priority your SEO techniques. So we need to learn what is SEO and what’s part of On-Page-SEO techniques? Lets we know how to use 5 basic SEO techniques.
On-Page-SEO techniques

1. Page Title of SEO

A page title is the first priority that any search engine will look for. Firstly you should think a clean post title which is not duplicate. Google don’t like any duplicate content or page title. If can use a unique page title then any search engine will give priority your content. On the other hand, a unique page title publishes total information in your content. Just a visitor when get a good page title then enter there for the reading. So visitors like means search engines priority.
on-page-seo techniques
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I suggest to include your primary keyword in the page title. However, you should not force it. Always need to use unique page titles for any SEO.

2. Unique Content for SEO

A great or unique content can make better SEO. Brilliant content is king for any search engines. If anyone can make sure a good content there is no need any SEO.
On-page-SEO techniques
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Besides articles, text, images, videos, presentations, infographics, comments etc will be no copied or re-write for existing articles. While publishing content your own website just it checks spelling and grammatical section.
On the other hand, long unique content is better than any short content. Should try to write long content for search ranking or SEO. We should know in the long content use more keywords than the short content. At first Google will priority long and unique content. Besides when you write a better content just then put some questionable sentence and answering. It is good for SEO. So we called content is king for On-page-SEO techniques.

3. Internal link for SEO

When we are writing a blog you have to create many post or content and they are interlinked each other through anchor text. Interlinking is most important for search engines. When Google bot crawls your web page then it enters one page to another page from internal linking. We need to properly manage internal links as it must grow like a weed. Must need adjusting one post to similar another post from the interlinking. 
Must it proper maintain in every week or every month. So when you make a post just then you should attention make interlinking.

4. H1, H2, H3 Tags for SEO

When you write an article you should break heading tags just h1, h2, h3. Because it is easy to read for any readers. If you write step by step then any readers choose it for better reading. But must use there subheading or minor heading for Google Searching.   
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Normally h1 tag use only main page title. Just means h1 tag use only your post title. It not in use your subheading or minor heading tags. Search engines use these what it is determined and important for your content. This is why keyword rich headings are more useful than other generic ones. So use h1, h2, h3 tags in your sub-headlines. It is the most important part of On-Page-SEO techniques.

5. Keyword Density 

Adjusting relevant keywords throughout your content is very important, just it helps search engines result out what your content is about. Don’t try to use overuses or excessively repeat just for search engines robot. If you overuse the same keyword must your site banned from search engines.
on-page-seo techniques
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I suggest that avoid this and try to keep your keyword density to maximum 1-1.5%. If you want to use more keyword just then write long content. So don’t use an excess same keyword for safety and not being banned.
 Over to You
Above 5 techniques are just most important ways to improve your On-Page SEO. Anyone can use other techniques for it’s but it is the essential things. On-Page-SEO techniques can improve search ranking directly from others techniques. But can you use others for gaining traffic? Many webmasters tell On-Page Optimization can help getting to Google Page Rank quickly. We have learned 5 Basic On-Page-SEO Techniques from the 5 points.
So spend more time making a better content and put properly On-Page Search engine optimization.
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