Why Need to Increase Blog Traffic

As we know what’s essential increase blog traffic to success blogging journey. When we start our blogging steps then some traffic we get regular. But one of the way to success about blogging future it’s need huge Increase blog traffic. 5 Killer Tips to Increase Blog Traffic Regularly if you follow which describing below. Without traffic you can’t think to success journey from blogging. So we need to patience for getting enough traffic from the starting blog. At first if you get some but after 6 months to 1 year must you get enough audience to your blog content. So select some tricks for get more traffic just discussed below.
increase blog traffic
I will discuss here about increase blog traffic rapidly by five points which is essential for getting better rank to Google. Hope if anyone can follow the below points that help increase blog traffic to blog. I called here it is the smartest tips which I gathered after reading from the Google. I have applied this tactics in my blog post then got much traffic instantly. Many blogger’s applied their own tactics in their blog for increase blog traffic, but below five strategies discover by me after long time reading. All of blog’s owner want to get much engage with their blog, but maximun can not reach there for wrong strategies. As a result many of men get nothing instead of huge engage. Most of reason no one has even seen their beautiful or quality content. So, let’s going to start reading below five tips to increase blog traffic regularly.

Tips to Increase Huge Traffic


(1) Content  for Traffic

increase blog traffic
Content is king and marketing is queen. At first need thinking about good content for users not search engines. If your content will better then many visitors like it. Search engine Google choose quality content which like many people. So firstly target your visitors after search engines. Many webmasters told content is king and marketing is queen. Always write Unique and Quality content not quantity. I think one quality content better than 5 low quality content.
While we see the Google showing us 1st 10 content must you believe that it is the best than others content or it is the unique content. Big blogger’s in the world firstly give to priority on their unique content writing. Such as Indian Amit Agarwal, Harsh Agrawal and different blogger’s in india publish unique content on their blog and get 1st page rank quickly.
On the other hand, Google announced long time ago firstly it choose any unique content. Not only Google but also any search engine firstly where is the unique article and showing it first. 
So we should depend on content or unique content which like different search engines. I recommend to anyone must publish unique content and it is the most essential for getting huge traffic to your blog site.

(2) Improve SEO for Traffic

increase blog traffic
While you have finished your quality content then think over all SEO. When you start your content writing just then put all On-Page Optimization in your content. If you want to get into first ten pages your post title from search results must would use On-Page Optimization in your content. On the other hand you can get some visitors from social media. But huge visitors can get from search engines. So we should know about SEO fulfill. Many bloggers don’t know what about SEO and they don’t get enough traffic. So search engine optimization is second way to get enough traffic.
World famous blogger Neil Patel said that search engine is better than any social media. If you can properly optimize your blog content then will you get enough traffic from search engines, which is the better on blogging platform. Anyone can get much traffic from social media, but search engine can give you huge and huge traffic than social platform. Over all depend on your search engine optimization if it is good then you can success otherwise no.
I told here On-Page-optimization can increase blog traffic quickly. I have seen many blog post get huge traffic for their On-Page-optimization. I recommend here On-Page-optimization and better link building can give you much traffic and can increase your blog traffic rapidly.
On the other hand, SEO is one of the running and long process for better ranking your blog post to Google ranking.

(3) Blog Design for Traffic

increase blog traffic
Blog design is the other important option for get traffic. If your blog design is good and simple then probably you can get more returning visitors. Simple design is better than gorgeous design. You should keep everything about your blog in front of visitors. So choose the best, SEO and visitor friendly template for make sure visitors or traffic.
While a new visitor will gather your blog post then firstly they observe your blog design. If your blog can attract different traffic you will get them next time continuously. Different researcher and famous blogger’s and Google search engine announced simple design is better for increase blog traffic regularly. You should attend on your blogging platform such as wordpress which is the better for designing.
Here you see the Indian famous blog Shoutmeloud is better designed blog over all in the world and it get millions of traffic who are choose this platform. So attention your blog design for staying and increase blog traffic permanently.

(4) Social Media for Traffic

Social media is one of the best way to getting huge and huge visitors. If can use social media marketing properly then publish about your blog and content over all in the world. Which is better gaining for blogging. Just example: If you have 10,00000 Facebook Fan Page likes it is unbelievable success. Just then share your any content there and feeling touch more traffic. So share your content to every social media in regular ways. So social media plays a great role to make blog popularity and get huge visitors. I highly recommended you to don’t avoid social media like ( Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Linked In). It can get help success your blog.
increase blog traffic
Special suggest all of my readers Twitter sharing and Google+ sharing will be great action for increase blog traffic gorgeously. One of reason, here staying millions of blogger’s for engaging their blog post. Every day thousands of people can engage with your blog post if you share here consciously. Particularly I suggest here both social platform must give you huge traffic with regular basis if you share your blog post. On the other hand, if you share your post in Google+ then you can rank your blog post rapidly to Google searching. It is the true way called Matt Cuts who are the Google’s update publisher.
So, be social and get more blog traffic for increasing blog post to Google searching. No one blogger who is no engage with the social media. Therefore, if you can more engage with social sharing then will get most priority than others post. Besides social signal count by the Google Ruder.
Increase blog traffic
One more tactics for social sharing called me pick and off pick time. If anyone can share blog post in pick time to Twitter and Google+ then huge traffic will be engage instantly. So, be sincere on the pick time sharing with different social media.

(5) Comments Regular for Traffic

Blog commenting is one of the great way to get much Traffic to your blog. If you can comment to others high PR blog then you can get visitors and bonus Google Page Rank. So it’s a similar option get traffic on any new bloggers. On the other hand regular commenting improve Alexa ranking quickly. So lastly I recommend that above five points are very essential and use-able getting for good traffic day by day. We have learned 5 Killer Tips to Increase Blog Traffic Regularly.
While we sometimes searching in Google about increase blog traffic quickly then we discover many advice such as link building. Because link building must give you more traffic and can increase blog traffic quickly. But we don’t know how to increase our blog’s backlink. Here, blog commenting is the most valuable option for increasing backlink and must can get natural backlink which choose the all search engines.
So commenting is necessary for increasing blog traffic to your blog site. I highly recommend here anyone should increase their backlink for traffic to relevant post.

increase blog traffic


If you follow above five tips not only get more traffic but also it it will help get for Alexa Ranking, Google Page Rank and Google search results ranking. Besides need to above five points for better blogging future.
So, in points of sharing, you can make sure your post more than once and optimize your sharing text. You can publish your post after reading and while you make sure it’s the Google’s panda and hummingbird friendly. Google always want to fresh content which is matching with Google’s terms and conditions. So, you can follow above tips for increase blog traffic to blogging future. I called here it’s the SEO friendly tips and can follow it trustfully.
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