Google Adsense is one of the best sources of income for most of the bloggers who write about trendy articles. But there is always a fear of getting Invalid clicks or the Click Bombing on the adverts. Though you are not the culprit for the Click bombing, Google will suspect you and will ban your Adsense account.

What is the Click Bombing actually?

Click Bombing occurs when you suddenly receive a number of clicks from the same IP address that is visiting your blog. Click bombing could also be due to the frustration of the visitor of your blog.
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What will happen next?

Obviously, Google will consider you more offensive and will ban your Adsense account or It will stop ad serving on your website. You should not lose the patience at that time.
Just fill the Invalid Adsense Click Form and submit it to the Google Adsense to inform about those invalid clicks in such a manner that you are innocent about those clicks (and really you are ).

How to protect your ads from Invalid Clicks

Sometimes Google Adsense really sucks and you have to take some important step to save your Adsense account from the invalid clicks. Here are some Ways that could help to protect your ads.

Track The IP Address and Ban It

You can check your traffic log in Google analytics and see where you are getting the instant traffic. Instant traffic can cause the poor clicks. Also, use the Cpanel to track the IP address.

Use of Ad Logger

Ad logger is a plugin that detects the Click bombing on Adverts and Blocks the particular ads on which it detects the false Clicks. This will not show ads to that person who is clicking continuously on your ads.

Use Quick Adsense Plugin

Quick Adsense is the most powerful and reliable plugin for placing ads on your blog. You can place a lot of ad unit and set functioning of this plugin so that only particular ads will be shown on the blog.
Even you can turn off showing of ads on the blog when you are logged in. This will help to avoid the click of ads accidentally by you when you are working on the blog.

Show all ads to Search Engine Visitors only

I think this is the best way to protect the ads. Your ads will be shown to only those visitors who come from the Search Engine. This will give you a huge relax because if someone is visiting by Direct or Referral traffic than, the ads won’t be shown.
In most of the cases, the Invalid clicks occur only from Direct and Referral visits.
The wpBeginner has a good reference for the code to implement the above step. But be sure to apply the code only when you know how to edit and customize the WordPress theme. Otherwise, you will lose the site if a single mistake occurs in the PHP Code
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