If you are just thinking about best WordPress hosting to launch a WordPress blog then I would suggest you, firstly you can read this post for WordPress guideline for getting best WordPress hosting. I am sure while you read this post after then must you will get fulfill knowledge about best WordPress hosting. Most people who are trying to launch a blog they must want to launch their blog on best WordPress hosting. Because WordPress is one of the most useful platforms for blogging than others. On the other hand, it has fulfilled latest SEO friendly option which can help a blog post to get better ranking on any search engines. While a new starter starts your blog on blogger host after some days they switched to best WordPress hosting for increasing quickly their blog post.

Best wordpress hosting

If you follow the post, sure I will help you to select the best WordPress hosting for launching your WordPress blog. In the last two years of my blogging journey, I have used more than four WordPress shared hosting services and others. So here I want to describe which is the best WordPress hosting for new bloggers.

Here I want to tell details about different best WordPress hosting because if you can choose the best hosting that you can get to easy success.

Before I had a bad experience with local hosting and even Godaddy and some others hosting services. On the other hand, I have had huge great experiences with the shared hosting companies like as Bluehost and Hostgator.

As a starter, selecting the best WordPress hosting services is not only crucial but also a headache. Here I recommend you if you have enough money then should you choose right and better hosting.

Here I will recommend you to some best WordPress hosting company services for starting your new WordPress blog. Totally depend on you and on your budget.

For a new WordPress blog where can enter less than 20,000 traffic daily here shared hosting is the best choice for you. Because shared hosting is the best for starter which uses the many bloggers in the world for their starting blogs.

I want to share with the specific hosting company services which are the famous in the world than others. Because most of the bloggers want to get the best hosting services companies which are speedy and provide service up time. Moreover, without a powerful WordPress hosting, you would not be able to run a better WordPress blog totally.

For this reason, anyone should choose their best WordPress hosting while they launch their first WordPress blog. On the other hand site’s loading time is the most important to any search engine particularly Google. So if you can select right hosting you will gain rapidly.

How to Select Best WordPress Hosting Options

You need to set some basic ground rules such as terms of software, cPanel, security, WordPress optimization, PHP version and others. While you start your blog then care the above tools which I shared.

Other one major factor to attention the technical support. Memory is one the other option for WordPress because WordPress is a memory hungry site and requires it database and PHP.

Other problems on WordPress is ‘500 internal error’, a blank homepage and can be all post are deleted from some of the issues which you may face with a poor hosting service.

Here you should select the world famous web hosting for your security. Because you will grab a better hosting then you will be secured for other issues.

I highly recommend here, geographical location is very important for any servers nowadays for two reasons such as speed and latency. The server location is the very important issues because your site’s loading time depends fulfill on it. If you want to launch a successful blog then you need to configure CDN on your WordPress blog.

Best WordPress Hosting for Starters

If you search for the best WordPress hosting company then you can get many more services companies. But some of the companies are not better. Below I want to share which is the best WordPress hosting services at this moment which you can buy undoubtedly and with full confidence.

I will try to share discount coupons for buying hosting which will help you save some money.

Below I will describe some of web hosting company which announce some coupon codes 25% to 50% of the total prices. So lets we started to describe the best WordPress hosting services company.


Hostgator is one of the better web hosting company at this moment in the world which already provided more than 10 million accounts for bloggers. It is the famous for the amazing support and up timing. I have been using this host last two years and getting super support from theirs. Every black Friday and cyber Monday Hostgator sold huge hosting from the better discount offer. Most probably it is the best WordPress hosting company that continues announce their highest discount offer. Near about 10 million people already hosted their sites on Hostgator hosting.

best wordpress hosting

Still, now, I am using Hostgator web hosting for my some another sites. I have almost 3 sites hosted on Hostgator server at this moment while I am writing this review and did not find any trouble with them. Sometimes we face down my site for 1 or 2 seconds in one or twice in a year. But I got the best support from the Hostgator teams and can easily live chat.

If you do compare Hostgator with the other hosting company here I tell best WordPress hosting is Hostgator. It is called a king of hosting services company and know about it overall people who are already created minimum one WordPress website.

Hostgator is the feature-rich web host and there are few plans and you can get easily.

The features of Hostgator hosting.

  1. Hatching plan
  2. Baby plan and
  3. Business plan web host

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Bluehost is my better choice for shared hosting, and I have 2 sites currently which I have hosted to Bluehost. Its support for 24 hours is awesome. I have seen most of the famous blogger hosted their popular sites on Bluehost hosting and most bloggers suggest everyone for using this best WordPress hosting. It has the high speedy server which can site loading time faster than can a post for getting a better rank in Google. We know faster hosting can receive maximum visitors for faster loading time.

best wordpress hosting

At first, I noticed about Bluehost hosting from my dearest friend who already using this and after I see his sites, then I decided that I will use Bluehost. After that, I have 2 sites hosted to Bluehost.

I do not tell it is the cheapest hosting service but their plan currently cost only $3.49/ for every month and you will get unlimited bandwidth and storage and these plans provide awesome value for the money.

Bluehost already allows for any customer to install multiple WordPress blogs on the same hosting package.

Another great feature of Bluehost is the main fact that their servers are well-optimized for running WordPress blog and can you instant to install WordPress within 5 minutes.

I have already published another post about WordPress install manually.

If you would like to get details features or want to buy Bluehost hosting package then can you sign up below?

One note: If you buy a hosting package from the Bluehost you will get a free domain with this purchase.

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Another famous web host provider Dreamhost is powerful for their services. Many of bloggers while starting their WordPress blog they select Dreamhost which is the better like as Bluehost and Hostgator. It has faster loading server such as Bluehost and Hostgator. I recommend to the blogger who is trying to start a new blog Dreamhost is better for the starter. Dreamhost provides their live chat in 24 hours which can be useful for any sites owner, and it is very necessary for the owner of every website. So, I have seen many bloggers from India using this popular and great hosting services companies hosting. I called here it is the best WordPress hosting for active bloggers. 

best wordpress hosting

While my friend told me one day about Dreamhost then I started to know about this. After some days one of my WordPress site host there and got good ranking to search engines. Because search engines follow the sites loading time which Dreamhost provide properly.

You know Indian world famous blogger Amit Agarwal who is the owner of www.labnol.org using Dreamhost hosting. He is the top blogger in India.

In this time, Dreamhost is a cheap and reliable hosting service provider that you can use. They have upgraded service and high speedy servers with Nginx which provide latest and update service.

On the other hand, Dreamhost provides to their clients custom cPanel instead of the default. Besides you can easily upgrade your shared host to VPS and dedicated hosting and it is very helpful to a growing a WordPress site and something which another best WordPress hosting services company does not offer.

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Over to You

Above three famous web hosting company is the great and they provide high quality hosting for launching a WordPress blog for a long time. I highly recommend to anyone for choosing with any hosting from the Hostgator, Bluehost or Dreamhost. You can easily sign up for these hosting from here and can save some money using coupon codes. Hope, if anyone wants to use these best WordPress hosting services companies hosting it would be greater than others.

Request to you, if it is useful or gets any information here remember to share it on your social media account. If you have any question about this can attend comment box.

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