What is Microsoft Access about we all known to it.
After that we discuss details for anyone. Because Update Microsoft Access is the most important matter for computer.
If we did not know it we cannot grow our computer knowledge for our future. So it is essential for us. It is needed to know for all.
Beside,s computer’s each Microsoft Access office interface program about same. So how to it open, save, newfile, backstage menu, copy, paste etc.
We did not know anyone and we didn’t want to know about it. So it is our fault. So let, s go how to learn Microsoft Access details.
  • DATABASE—Including many data and information called a database, like different names of people and phone numbers which you uses it is a database. Following the database which make by the access. Here has Data, Record,field adding here.
     Microsoft Access
  •  DATA—Data means information like up the first line. Like the Cust_ID situated field C003. It is a Data and the name field is a Data. Besides name the city field is a another Data. So each cell, so each information is a different Data.
    Microsoft Access
  • RECORD— Have a thousand of Data but all data, s serial is situated in different columns, s. Like the first line, so Cust_ID and second column, s name address, city. So first line, s 1 record, second line, s 1 record it, is the record.
    Microsoft Access
  •  FIELD—In total serial means record same the all columns means a field. Like Cust_ID number, address, total name of name columns.
    Microsoft Access
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