Tiger Woods is in the hero of golf in the world.
Tiger woods born in December 30, 1975. He was born in the USA. Tiger woods is the most important athletes in the world. Tiger woods start was 1996 in the USA.
Tiger Woods
 He reached the number of 1one golfer in 1997. Fulfill he was the greatest golfer in the world in 1999. Into the some weeks he has reached the top golfer into the whole golfer in the world.
In 1997 he has achieved 12 tournaments in the USA and others. He has reached the number of one golfer in 1997. Tiger woods already won the 14 major golf championship 1997to 2004. Besides Tiger woods 2005 to 2010 was the number one golfer in the world.
Tiger woods leave the professional golf to focus on his marriage. Then woods loss his gradually performance and in this year he was list the number of 58. Tiger woods is the second golfer who won the 14 major championship.
Tiger Woods
Jack Nicklaus is the first position at the same time in the golf tournament. Tiger woods return his top position in march 2013. He ascended to the number 1 ranking once again. Tiger woods is the youngest golfer who won the Grand slam.
Tiger woods won the 18 world golf championship in 11 years in 1999. Tiger woods  is the only golf player who won the silver medal and the gold medal in the open championship.
On the other hand Woods is the top richest athletes in the other player in the world. When Tiger woods return his number of one position then he has won the many tournaments.
Tiger woods was the highest paid athletes in his several times in the world according to Forbes. Now a day if published the ranking of the richest player in the world Tiger Woods will be selected in first.
Tiger woods nick name is Tiger and his full name is Eldrick Tony Woods. Tiger woods height is 6 feet 1inc. His nationality is the United States of America.
Tiger Woods
If we told the any golfer name firstly we told the Tiger Woods name. He is the top favorite player in American peoples. American all peoples like him for his unbelievable golf activities. While people in the world known to the Tiger Woods.
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