Blog commenting is the most important for growing
backlink in any blog.
Google count how many backlink have a blog. But quality backlink is so valuable to the Google. Google count the quality backlink not the quantity. But if you have so many backlink firstly Google will calculation how much importantacy this backlink. Below list of Update Top 50 PR 3 Blog Commenting Site.
Is it low quality? Is it high quality? High quality means from the high page rank blog’s backlink. Page rank 8 is the so valuable from the 100 blog’s which page rank 2 or 1.
On the other hand, if you want to grow your blog’s backlink must you should grow natural backlink. But how is it possible? It is the easy way for you. Blog Commenting is the best way grow your blog’s backlink.
If you can achieve some natural backlink, Google choose this point. As a result you can get immediately Google page rank. Which is essential for your blog. Besides, all Blog Commenting is not suitable for you. 

From the Dofollow Blog’s backlink is the natural backlink. If you want to grow your blog’s backlink, daily or per day 5-10 blog comment is enough. But each day if you build so many backlink Google count this as a spam.

PR 3
So spamming is very bad for any website. Here I have published top 50 Google page rank 3 blog list which is dofollow blog for the commenting. It is the update top 50 PR 3 dofollow blog commenting site. So you can easily build your backlink from the following PR 3 Blog Commenting Site and you can get Google page rank.
Blog’s Name                                                 Google Page Rank
1.                                                3
2. E-Money marketing                                            3
3. Internet business                                                 3
4. Tekkaus                                                                3
5. Blogstash                                                              3
6.                                             3
7.                                                     3
8. Blogelina                                                              3
9.                                                    3
10. Virtual services                                                 3
11.                                                  3
12. Dad blogger                                                       3
13. Performance marketing                                   3
14. Internet marketing                                           3
15. Big foot web                                                      3
16. Moonsteam                                                      3
17. Problogging                                                      3
18. How to make a blog                                        3
19. Tech tricksworld                                             3
20. Epreneur tv                                                     3
21. SEO audits                                                       3
22. TechGYD                                                         3                                                    3
24.                                                     3
25. Tagesklinik                                                      3
26. Along the pike                                                3
27. Beconfused                                                      3
28. Mommy Goggles                                            3
29. I like it frantic                                                 3
30. Thinking                                                          3
31. Telecom news                                                 3
32. Kommunications blog                                   3
33. 15 Seconds blog                                              3
34. SoCo3                                                              3
35. Quinn&Co                                              3
36. 10yetis                                                             3
37. DISRUP Tology                                              3
38. Product launch pr                                          3
39.Blogging for money                                         3
40. Content marketing plus                                 3
41. How to wake up early                                     3
42. bluhost                                                              3
43. Get busy living                                                 3
44. e- Business Mom                                             3
45. The inbound marketing                                  3
46. Blueverse                                                         3
47. Just sharing                                                     3
48. Organic SEO Copywriting                             3
49. Just ask Kim                                                   3
50. The wonder of tech                                        3
Actually Blog Commenting and backlink building is the part of ‘off page’ SEO. Backlink from the Blog Commenting main part of ‘off page’ SEO. So who are the blogger they need so much quality backlink for their blog’s improvement. If you like this post and means suitable for you share this post others for Update Top 50 PR 3 Dofollow Blog Commenting Site.
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