Justin Drew Bieber born March 1, 1994 in Canada. He is called Pop Sensation Justin Bieber.
He is a Canadian pop Musician, Actor and singer songwriter. Bieber was discovered in 2008 in American talent manager Scooter Braun who came across videos on YouTube and later became his Manager.Justin Bieber was signed by Raymond Braun Media group and then to an Island records recording contact offered by record executive L.A. Reid. After his debut day by day he achieves more and more milestone.
After 2008 to 2013 he is the most sensation in the world. Different producers and different songwriter continuously offer this sensation boy. Justin Biebers paternal grandfather is German. Justin Bieber is Canadian.
If he is Canadian but most popularity Biebers in USA. Bieber is pop music not only western country but also all people in the world who’s like Music. Already Justin Bieber received numerous awards including both artist and pop singer of the USA. He has nominated for best new artist and best vocal Album.
Justin Bieber
Between 2008 to 2013 he reached the top position the pop musical site. Nowadays he is known to all for his glamorous pop musics. Already he was named by Forbes magazine in 2012 in third position of powerful celebrity in the world.
Already he had earned an estimated 55 million US dollars in the previous 12 months. Justin Bieber has sold 15 million albums as of may 2012. Justin Bieber is a son of Jeremy Bieber and Pattie Mallette. Biebers mother was 17 years old when she was pregnant. Barber’s father is English and ancestry Irish.
Barber’s most interested in hockey. Soccer  etc. The barber’s third studio album is Believing which had achieved a record in music zone. Barber’s third studio album believe in releasing on June 2012. After releasing this album it is being so popular into the people who’s like music.
The barber’s style is so attractive which touch every music person. He is a handsome boy. Bieber is a practicing Christian and has said he believes he has a relationship with Jesus. Justin Bieber is a Christian family’s son.
Justin Bieber
His trust in Jesus. Bieber has said he is not interested in obtaining United States Citizenship and has criticized the Americas health care system. Praising Canada is the best country in the world he cited is a health care system as a model example.

Bieber started dating actress Selena Gomez  in 2010. But their relationship had not long a time. Their relationship has breakup in 2012. As of November 2013 the twitter account of Justin Bieber is the most second followed handle (behind Ketty Perry) with almost 46 million subscribers to Bieber’s feed. His account acquires one new follower every two seconds.
It is the best pavement that how much popularity of Justin Biebers. His popularity on twitter at one point accounted for three percent of all related twitter traffic, with a twitter employee commenting that racks of servers are dedicated to Pop Sensation Justin Bieber.
Lastly we can say Bieber is the most sensation in the world is running time. He is the most popular for his pop Music.
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