Personalized Emails messages to one or more email recipients with the little effort. If you write a draft email in Gmail, specific the list of email recipients in a Google Spreadsheet and the Mail Merge program will be send customized emails to all addresses in one go. Certainly for sending personalized emails Mail Merge is a best popular feature of Microsoft Outlook and, with the help of Google Scripts, we can easy perform mail merge in Gmail and Google Apps accounts easily.Personalized Emails

Several features includes of Mail Merge. You can insert different file attach from Google Drive for every recipient, the emails can be written in plain text or formatted in rich-text HTML and the the email opens can be tracked so you will know if an email has been read. You can also schedule merge and send your emails after at your preferred date and hour.

Personalized Emails Send Mail Merge in Gmail

Started here to get, install the Mail Merge add-on firstly. You can either add it in your personal Google Account or, if you are a Google Apps admin, then you can install Mail Merge to all users in your domain.

After installed add-on, follow the bellow steps–

  1. Firstly go to the Google Spreadsheet, then click the Add-ons menu and you will see a new menu it’s called Mail merge with Attachments
  2. 2ndly click the Create Merge Template menu to clone the blank mail merge template in your personal Google Spreadsheet. It is the necessary column like First Name, Email Address etc. But you can add here more columns.
  3. Now go to the Import Google Contacts menu for existing contact groups from Google Contacts into Mail Merge. This saves time but you can also write the first name, email addresses and another details of the recipients manually in the Mail Merge sheet for sending personalized emails.
  4. Here if you want to add unique attachments for your recipients, you can add them in the File Attachments column. Here go to Google Drive, right-click a file and choose Get Link to copy the URL of that file that can paste in the sheet. You can include different files too but remember to separate the file URLs by symbol of comma.
  5. While you run mail merge, it will send all the mails immediately it’s called personalized emails. However, you also have an point to routine emails and the program will automatically send them later. To routine an email, go to the Scheduled Date column and insert the accurate date and time while you want to schedule that particular email.
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