We are all like to travel to any place in the world.
I would share in travel place in France. It is the capital of France named is Paris. Overall people in the world choose the place of Paris. Over all in the world Paris Top Tourist Attractions in France.

It is the most visited places in the world. Who is educated people they know everything in Paris. Paris is the capital of France. It is the biggest and the largest city in the whole world. It is the tourist attractions place in France.

Higher top ten cities in the world Paris is the most important city for all travelers. Paris is not only the capital of France but also it is the beauty in the world.

Not only spring or June-July but also all time is ok for tourists in this place. The scene of a night in Paris is so beautiful and interesting. The Eiffel Tower is one of the most important visited sites in Paris. For the top tourist attractions it’s the famous in Europe.

This tower is about 360 feet high and it is so charming for specifically in night times. The whole visitors in the world in whole seasons they are maximum go to the Paris to enjoy. The Eiffel tower is the famous top tourist attractions place in Europe.

When we are children we read and write about Eiffel tower. Anyone after seeing this tower he cannot forget its memories. If anybody asks question about Eiffel tower he can easily answer against this question. Besides it is a city that all travelers should experience. This city is unique for top tourist attractions.

The cab driver in Paris is so helpful. They help any passenger who is sitting in the cab. The french loaf of bread and cheese and sat on the pavement with a small bottle of wine. Each food in Paris is so interesting.

All people in the world can eat in Paris shops specialize in coffee houses. Someone eats different food and someone walking by there. Those foods are suitable for all. Paris is unique. Actually in Paris any time is ok.

On the other hand the security level in Paris is so high. Anybody cannot finish around visit in Paris within a week. Because Paris is the largest and historic city in the world. Roads are so nice in Paris. Specially France is so much famous for roads structure in Paris.

It is so width more than others roads in other cities. Many car speedily goes at the same time in Paris roads. Every tourist has a dream to travel in Paris. But each can not go there. Its pray to the great God for tourists in Paris.

Besides the shopping centers are so charming in the night time. In the morning time every place in Paris delighting and charming fresh air beautiful attractions everywhere. This city’s climate is not so good. It is so cold.

But every tourist like this city. In 12 month’s 9 months is so cold in Paris. But there are peoples are adjusting this climate. They have no cause to this climate. Paris is the largest city in the world. Paris situated on the river seine, in northern France.

Today it is one of the worlds leading business and cultural centers. It is influenced in politics, education, entertainment, media. Fashion, science and technology. Paris has many nicknames, but its most famous is “La-Ville-Lumiere (the city of Light).

Summer is the most suitable time to visit in Paris. There are many scooters and Motorcycles for travel. But if you are a good driver the Paris city it is a big problem if you don’t know any place in Paris. Summer season is best for top tourist attractions in France.

I love Paris, I visited many times in Paris, best times to visit Paris are April, May and October easy metro transport not many peoples speak English Expensive hotels and many restaurants, cheap metro tickets, easy travel to airports. So we called Paris Top Tourist Attractions in France.
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