LG and Samsung is the most famous technology company in
the world. We are all known to the technology company of Samsung and LG.
These two companies are famous for their latest and upcoming all versions of the technology. The smart phone is the one of the greatest sites for these companies.
Again and again they released newer versions of Android smart phones. Now the upcoming Smart phone is the G-3.
It will release the South Korean famous company LG. It is their new version of the smart phone. There are many wonderful smart phones.
But now LG which release smart phone it has many new attractive points. The new smart phone’s name is LG G-3. It has Octocore processor and 16 Mega pixel camera.
Recently the technology website of south Korea Genet published this news. New version of this smart phone’s feature will be QHD or quad HD display.
But what’s the measurement of this phone’s display this information could not publish on this website or this company. The octocore’s phone LG G-3 campsites code name is Odin which build will LG.
On the other hand the technologist’s of about market place they are already told this phone is the latest version instead of the G-2 smart phone by LG.
Already the month of August of this year G2 smart phone has come on the market. LG G2 is the top smart phone into the all smart phones in the world particularly in this year.
The demand of LG features of this phone is the most modern from the others smart phone’s. It is easy to use for all particularly left handed and right handed.
G2 smart phone has 1080 pixel’s and 5 inch’s displays, 2.2 gigahertz snapdragon cheapest, 13 megapixel camera and three thousand Ampire battery.
The latest version of android’s depend operating system has this phone’s. It has two gigabytes Jerm’s, NFC, 16 and 32 Giga stores and optimal user interface.
The website of Znet Korea published that LG G3 is the latest feature to the LG G2. It is the most modern of smart phone from any smart phone’s.
He who’s the use of the smart phone LG G3 for them. Besides the running time the technologist’s of LG is working mini size of LG G2. It is the internal information Giant of LG.
 So we are proud for upcoming smart phone of LG G3.
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