Justin Bieber Reuters  Teen heartthrob singer
Justin drew Bieber with his hordes of fans known of believers became the King of


The social media Twitter on Tuesday topping fellow pop singer Lady Gaga as the user with the most followers.
Data from Twitter Counter.com shown that the 18 year old Canadian singer jumped into the lead with  about 47 million followers, topping Lady Gaga’s   and ending her two and a half year rule of the microblogging sites.
Justin Bieber
A spokesman for Twitter Counter.com said Lady Gaga has held the top slot on  the Twitter since August 2010 while she overtook U.S. Pop singer Britney Spears.
Bieber rose to fame as a star baby faced pop star singing love songs such as ‘Baby’ after being discovered on the YouTube in 2009. He has released two No. 1 albums in the past  eighteen months  the holiday themed Under the Mistletoe and Believe.
Justin Bieber
Bieber was then named by Forbes magazine in 2012 as the third-most powerful sensation celebrity in the world and his huge following on the Twitter was cited as a reason why marketers need to take notice of the 140 character micro blogging sites in twitter.
Lady Gaga has dropped to second in Twitter followed by singer Katy Perry in the third with 47 million followers then Rihanna and the President Barack Obama with 45 million followers. Britney Spears has slipped to 6th place. But at this moment Ketty perry is the first position on the social media twitter.
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