How Much Essential of Computer Keyboard

Press F1:  It is called a help key. We can easily use this functions of computer keyboard button for our help with the computer.

Press F2:  Generally its use when you do the rename any folder or file. Alt+Ctrl+F2 functions of computer keyboard uses the new opening document of Microsoft word. When you click Ctrl+F2 you can see the print preview of Microsoft word.

functions of computer keyboard
Press F3: It does start the options op program and Shift+F3 when you press it does changing capital letters to small letters of Microsoft words. Besides When you write The first letter of word capital, then you can use it. It is the important functions of computer keyboard.
Press F4:  You can easy way repeat last action performed on Microsoft word. You can stop the all programs by the Alt+F4 and Ctrl+F4 can stop all active windows.
Press F5:  It does the refresh of Microsoft windows, internet browser etc. It starts the power point’s slide show and by its open find, replace, go to window the Microsoft office.
Press F6:  It has the important option. F6 send the mouse cursor to the internet browser. When you press Ctrl+Shift+F6 then the all documents of Microsoft office word be active.
Press F7:  When you write something, then you can something wrong. F7 does the correction of your writing and its grammatical option. It starts the create browsing of Mozila Firefox. Shift+F7 when you press, it does synonyms, antonyms,feature of words the selected word of Microsoft. It’s called a Dictionary.
Press F8:  It works well and good when you start the operating system. Generally when you start your windows safe mode then you can press this key.
Press F9:  It does open the Quark 5.0 measurement toolbar.
Press F10:  Internet browser or any open windows menubar does the select by this F10. Shift+F10 does on the any selected writing or link or any photos when you press the right button.
Press F11:  It does the off and on mode when you are browsing your full screen internet.
Press F12:  This key open the save as window of Microsoft word. You can save the document of Microsoft word by pressing Shift+F12. Besides, you can print your Microsoft word document by Pressing Ctrl+Shift+F12.
About we are all who are continuously use our the functions of computer keyboard we need know above each function. Because without computer we did not think our life. So firstly we need know essential functions of a computer. Keyboard of the computer is an essential function if you want to use your computer. So firstly we learn above the function of the keyboard.
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