Rio de Jeneirio-:  It is the Brazilian Largest city
and top tourism site in the world. Many of people Every year go there.
Not only north and south American tourist go there but also whole people in the world go there. Brazilian government earn huge revenue on the tourism site.
Rio de jeneiro is the most important sea beach in south America. Argentine people are going there too. It is the biggest city in Brazil. About one crore tourist goes the charming city in every year. 2014 football World Cup will hold the city of Rio de Jeneirio.
32 football teams attend this tournament. After that olympic games will held this Brazilian city. Rio de jeneiro is one of the largest sea beach in American locality. There are many  resorts and hotel has in Rio de jeneiro.
Called the second largest sea beach on this site after Coxs Bazar. There are hotel and motels are not expensive. On the other hand it is the cheapest place for travelers.
Who are tourist they can not miss to travel Rio de jeneirio sea beach. Their weather is suitable and good feelings. Brazil is not a small country. It is the big country in the world. Brazil is the fifth largest country. So it has many places which suitable for tourist.
Who goes the sea beach in Brazil they also touch in football of Brazil. Called Brazil a football country. On the other hand the tourist guide in jeneirio is responsibilities.
Many of tourist guide help the traveler in any matter.So who choose the best sea beach firstly he choose Rio de jeneirio. Many of tourist is dream the tour of Rio de jeneirio. Lastly I called the charming sea beach in Rio de jeneirio.
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