We are known to all about the Capital of the united States of
 It is the largest and oldest city of the United States. This city is the Capital of USA too.
Many of the people living in this city. Different countries different peoples’ lives in this city. Washington Called a Mega city into the many of city in the world. About two Crores people lives in this city. 
Many peoples go to this city for entertainment. Because the Capital of United States is so nice. It has many charming site which is beautiful. White House is one of the popular place to all people in the world.
Each day thousand are people goes to the White House for feelings. White House is the old famous place for all. The president of the United States lives in the White House.
White House age about two hundred and fifty years. Its name White House because its color is white. The important decision of the United States or the other countries faced in this White House.
So in this place is so important for all. On the other hand Washington has many charming sites for tourists. There are many High rise building that’s been so lucrative.
Capital of United States
Washing each roads is so clean and so paces which suitable for every people. Over thousands so charming Hotel has the United States Capital. Tourists for so easy  to stay these Hotels. 
Because it is the many of the cheapest. Besides expensive Hotels has Washington too. The fifty States directed by the Washington. How to the developments in this country all planning gives the Washington. 
George Washington is the Hero of the peoples of the United States. Washington did the independent of the United States to England in 1776. By the Jourge Washingtons named today the Capital of Washington.
From the Capital of United States many newspapers published in each day. Washington post is one of the popular newspaper of Washington. The federal reserve Bank is situated in the Capital of Washington. 
The biggest stock market in the world situated in this Washington. The special side of Washington is many people in many countries. They live in the same place. But has no any problem between these peoples.
Black and white peoples lives same place. But has no problem. Every day thousands are people come and go from this city. The Airport of the Washington is always busy.
Many aircraft come and go to this airport. Without Washington others world valueless. Because the economy in the wold lead by Washington.
About all countries high commission office has the Washington. When the any peoples are gone the USA firstly they land Washington. After they are gone into other city.
So we called it that the United States Capital is the most important in others world.
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