A wonderful botanic garden of Chicago is the most enjoyable
place in America. It is situated in the large city of Chicago in America. Chicago is the not only largest and biggest it is the world famous city.

Here is situated in this botanic garden.

Any others botanic garden in the world more than famous Chicago botanic garden. Many of people in the world can go see this garden.
Botanic Garden of Chicago

American each person like their garden for beauty. If anybody’s tour of America he obviously tour in this place. The Chicago botanic garden is a biggest natural beauty in America.

Besides the members of this garden always serve this garden for its developing. The botanic garden in Chicago opened about 40 years ago as a beautiful place to visit.

To that’s year each person likes and love this place. It has matured into one of the world’s great living museums and conservation science centers. Every year, nearly 1.5 million peoples visit this interesting place.

The visitors visit 26 gardens and four natural areas uniquely situated on 385 acres of land on and nine islands the gardens. Six miles of shorelines extend along 82 acres of water, include the great Basin north lake and Skokie river corridors.

This garden already renowned bonsai collection. Bansai likes every person who visit this garden. Long time ago the maximum visitor went to this garden different beauty and specifically bonsai collection.

Botanic Garden of Chicago

The Chicago botanic gardens has 50,000 members in any botanic gardens in America. Then each member in this place attends every program for interest, enjoy. The Chicago botanic garden is one of only 17 public garden accredited by the American association of museums.

Its Lenhardt library contains 110,000 volumes totally one of the nation’s best collections of rare botanical books. Chicago botanic garden’s old name was Chicago horticulture society, founded in 1890.

Long time ago horticulture and flowers and others showing the Chicago botanic garden. After a period of inactivity, the botanic garden of Chicago is restarting in 1943.

Which name’s was the horticulture society of Chicago. In 1962 it’s modern history began when the society agreed to create the botanic garden that’s name is a public garden in Chicago.

Then the garden would start repairing and it’s finalization was in 1965. When it was all ok and ready for public it’s open in 1972 for all. The garden is one of the examples of successful public-private partnership.

The Chicago botanic garden’s owned the preserve district of cook country and operated by the Chicago horticulture society.

From its founding many architects who are famous in the world they designed in this garden in the new master plans.

After new design the garden is so popular in America. British famous landscape designer John Brooks Specially designed the English walled garden.

After 40th anniversary of this botanic garden the members of this garden shared 40th anniversary website includes a timeline of events, historical photos and etc.

Four community members share their experiences at the garden. So it is the most turning points which importance in this garden.

Nowadays all people in the world are known to the Chicago botanic garden which is wonderful. The tourist in the world who’s goes sometimes in America certainly they are going in this garden. Here is many charming spot’s which lucrative and  interesting.

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