Article Directories needs Every Blogger and Webmasters for using and increase their website and blog traffic and ranking. Benefits of article directory Submission to get and increase traffic and recognition on your website or blog. Necessary to submit your website or blog to sites that use high-quality Do Follow links. One of the effective and easy ways for getting quality do follow back-links for your website or blog is article directory submission. All article directories are sorted by Page Ranks. 

What is Article Directories?

Many internet users are looking for reputable websites to submit their articles to for better exposure. Article directories are one of the most accessible places to do it. These are submission sites that allow writers to submit their articles, ranging from blog posts, guest posts, op-eds, research papers and more. The best article directories have high domain authority and help writers publish their work on a platform that other professionals in the same field will see. It also creates backlinks at no cost by allowing you to receive citations when referring readers through your links! Another benefit of these services includes being able to promote content and be paid per click advertising too (which I highly recommend)!

Why are Article Submissions Sites Important for Online Businesses? 

How are article submissions sites important for online businesses? Many factors make these websites are invaluable resources for promoting businesses, services, and other products. Article directories submissions allow you to get content published by other internet users looking for information on the topics you’re writing about. The sites typically offer a search engine to find similar articles, making it easy to see what’s already been posted on the topic. To bring traffic and profit from your blog, a site must have high-quality content.

Are Article Directories Still Relevant For SEO? 

One of the easiest ways to boost your search engine rankings is to publish articles. To submit your article to be ranked, there are many websites that you can submit it to called article directories. This list of the best 50+ article submission sites can help you see which ones would be a good fit for your content. Whether or not they will benefit from getting more visitors remains until Google decides. Still, these tools indicate how people view specific keywords as their primary source information while searching for related topics/keywords etc.

Benefits of Article Directories Submission

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best article submission sites of 2022. We have shared information about where to submit articles, what type of content is accepted, and certain site-specific benefits that you can enjoy if you decide to publish your content on these sites. We hope that this article helps you find the article site that is right for you with so many options to choose from!

To rank on the first page on Google for your target keyword, you need backlinks from high-quality sites. One of the best ways to get these is submitting your article to article directories.

Article submission is one of the essential components in SEO strategy and ensures that your content gets maximum exposure and authority. To grow your organic traffic and boost rankings, you should submit your articles regularly to article directories.

article directory submission
We know it is the most essential option for getting high-quality backlinks that increases blog post to Google. More quality links can help any site’s ranking to any search engines. On the other hand, article directory submission sites mostly give us the dofollow backlink. One dofollow backlink most beneficial than thousands of nofollow backlink. So we should use article directory for getting natural backlink. Let’s see below for chart high quality Article Directories submission list and use it properly.

Free Top High PR 7 Article Directory Submission Site

NoArticle DirectoryPage RankSubmit Type
1.http://www.sitepromotiondirectory.com7Free Submit
2.http://www.thefreelibrary.com7Free Submit
3.http://www.technorati.com7Free Submit
4.http://www.traveltourismdirectory.net7Free Submit

Free Top High PR 6 Article Directory Submission Site

NoArticle DirectoryPage RankSubmit Type
1.http://www.articlet.com6Free Submit
2.http://www.ezinearticles.com6Free Submit
3.http://www.prleap.com6Free Submit
4.http://www.seekingalpha.com6Free Submit
5.http://www.suite101.com6Free Submit
6. Submit

Free Top High PR 5 Article Directory Submission Site

NoArticle Directory NamePage RankSubmit Type
1.http://www.articlesbase.com5Free Submit
2.http://www.articlesalley.com5Free Submit
3.http://www.allgraphicdesign.com5Free Submit
4.http://www.brighthub.com5Free Submit
5.http://www.biggerpockets.com5Free Submit
6.http://www.emailuniverse.com5Free Submit
7.http://www.goarticles.com5Free Submit
8.http://www.letsbefamous.com5Free Submit
9.http://www.powerhomebiz.com5Free Submit
10.http://www.threadwatch.org5Free Submit

Free Top High PR 4 Article Directory Submission Site

NoArticle Directory NamePage RankSubmit Type
1.http://www.a1articles.com4Free Submit
2.http://www.articlebiz.com4Free Submit
3.http://www.bignews.biz4Free Submit
4.http://www.ezinemark.com4Free Submit
5.http://www.goodposts.com4Free Submit
6.http://www.infobarrel.com4Free Submit
7.http://www.openpr.com4Free Submit
8.http://www.searchwarp.com4Free Submit
9.http://www.textbroker.com4Free Submit
10.http://www.work911.com4Free Submit

Free Top High PR 3 Article Directory Submission Site

NoArticle Directory NamePage RankSubmit Type
1.http://www.articleyard.com3Free Submit
2.http://www.articledestination.com3Free Submit
3.http://www.bharatbhasha.net3Free Submit
4.http://www.content4reprint.com3Free Submit
5.http://www.expertscolumn.com3Free Submit
6.http://www.edarticle.com3Free Submit
7.http://www.interestingarticles.com3Free Submit
8.http://www.patantconsult.com3Free Submit
9.http://www.sooperarticles.com3Free Submit
10.http://www.uberarticles.com3Free Submit

Free Top High PR 2 Article Directory Submission Site

NoArticle Directory NamePage RankSubmit Type
1.http://www.allbestarticles.com2Free Submit
2.http://www.articles2know.com2Free Submit
3.http://www.blavagen.com2Free Submit
4.http://www.dime-co.com2Free Submit
5.http://www.ezinepost.com2Free Submit
6.http://www.fourpxarticles.com2Free Submit
7.http://www.s-article.com2Free Submit
8.http://www.theproarticles.net2Free Submit
9.http://www.writingmafia.com2Free Submit
10.http://www.zuarticles.com2Free Submit

Free Top High PR 1 Article Directory Submission Site

NoArticle Directory NamePage RankSubmit Type
1.http://www.articlebids.com1Free Submit
2.http://www.businessclique.com1Free Submit
3. Submit
4.http://www.easyarticlesubmit.com1Free Submit
5.http://www.freearticlesinc.com1Free Submit
6.http://www.knowhow-now.com1Free Submit
7.http://www.look-4it.com1Free Submit
8.http://www.neoarticle.com1Free Submit
9.http://www.reprintedarticles.com1Free Submit
10.http://www.yesarticles.com1Free Submit

Over to You

Hope, I could provide many Article Directory submission list for creating quality backlinks. It is the PR of 7 to 1 which is great for using submission post. On the other hand, most probably majority blogger firstly use different article directory for getting more quality backlink which is dofollow.  

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