Twitter is a social network and  actual-time communication

service launched in 2006 and used by millions of people and organizations to  rapidly share and discover information.
What is Twitter
The whole word Twitter comes  to the frequent chirping sound made by birds, hence the bird used in the Twitter logo.
The Users can access the site via the web and mobile devices to exchange frequent bite-size  latest of information called ‘tweets’ which are messages of up to 140 characters long that  anybody can send or read.
These messages or tweets are public by default and  countable to all those who are following the tweeter. Twitter allows you to the  follow other users you are interested in so that you’ll see their  latest on your home page, which is an aggregate feed of  total  the accounts you’re following.
Users sharing  these tweets which are micro-bits of information that can contain things like photos, videos, quotes, article links and more others.  Every  tweet can also have replies from other people creating  actual-time conversations around hot topics,  latest news and interesting new content.
What is Twitter
Twitter was  visible to disrupt the traditional point-to-point messaging systems like email by providing this one-to-many others  interface for rapid content delivery and searching.
But Twitter has evolved  into  more than just an actual -time communication tool into one of the world’s leading sources of social discovery and newsworthy events.
This open networking environment has also led to an entire ecosystem built around the Twitter platforms coined the ‘Twitter verse’ where creative people, designers, marketers and businesses can be flourish together.
What is Twitter
History of Twitter
Twitter  actually started off as a Pod casting company called Ode before pivoting into the micro blogging  service we know and love today. If it wasn’t for Apple releasing podcasts via iTunes and scaring Ode out  the water, we might be of never got Twitter!
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