United State of America is the most important country in the
world. Russia is  one of the other country that’s is big and powerful against the United States of America.

Syria is the middle east country.  Syria is something powerful country in this area were situated in Israel. Syria is the mutual country for Russia. Long time ago in Russia helped the Syrian government such as political and others section. Russia wants to stay in Syrian area.
Putin and Obama

Because United State of America is the main enemy of Russia. On the other hand Israel is the most important for America. Israel always helps united states of America. In 1948 to running time America helps Israel for Americans’ benefits.

Middle east is the important place for the both powerful countries. Both Russia and America want to expand their power in middle east such as Syria, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Lebanon. Syria needs power against in Israel. Russia can only help in Syria.

Because Russia is the most important friend in Syria. Russia has given many nuclear forces in Syria. Main purpose of Israel. Israel is the main Enemy of Syria. Sometimes Israel attack on Syria. So Syrian government’s need prevents to Israel.

For this reason Syrian government’s net so force such as Nuclear sites. Besides Iran is the other mutual friend of Syria. Iran did not want to lose their mutual friend in Syria’s. Iran always helps in Syria.

But Saudi Arabia is the most important friend in America. Saudi Arabia never wants to well and good for Syria and Iran. Saudi Arabia always wants to destroy Syria and Iran. So that America did not want to chance in this area in Russia.

Russian president Putin cannot defeat with America. He wants to power supply in the middle east against Israel and America. So someday ago America wanted to strike on Syria excuse use for Nuclear bomb.

The Syrian opposition party claimed against the government of Syria use of nuclear bombs. America already sent their warships in Syrian area’s. But  Russia thinks it is the most illegal position of the United States.

So Putin sent his force in Syrian area’s. The only Russian president wanted to prevent attacks on America. Russia claimed against the USA bypass in the United Nations.

So Russian President difficultly prevented of the USA. Putin rejects attack on Syria. Then USA president Barak Obama defeats his plans veto for Putin. Lastly Putin won the mental game.

Russia did not want American Heroic power. We are known to all American presently power which do not easily prevent. But Americans illegal power can prevent only Russian Federation specifically the President of Putin.

So we called Syrian crisis is lastly won the government of Syria and their mutual friend Putin.
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