I want to something describe about the Middle East rich
city in Dubai. We everybody known something this city. It is the most important city in the world not only middle east.You can easily Travel to Dubai City.


Arab Emirates is not so big country. But it has more and more property that’s why it is the richest country. The Arab emirates capital’s name is Abu Dabi, where lives in this countries administrator’s. For Travel to Dubai has different many ways in this time.
Dubai main property is Oil which export maximum country in the world. From this site this country earns so much foreign revenue. If Arab Emirates and Dubai is small but it’s the beauty in other city in the world. Many of the investor in others country invest their money for this site’s beautiness.
Europe and American many investors invest this country specially for Travel to Dubai. Dubai is small but it is nicer in the middle east. So not only the ordinary people but also the maximum celebrity choose this city.


The high rise building in the world situated in this city named the Burg Khalif. It is the highest building not only middle east but also in the world. It is the wonderful building for all peoples.
The maximum flats in this city are so nice. Hollywood, Bollywood, Western and others celebrity has flat in this city for their rest time. The ordinary people whose work in this city they are maximum foreigner.
Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Srilanka, Indonesia, Nepal etc countries people work in this city. They leave this city well and good. The high rise building is so attractive which like the each person. Dubai airport is one of the most important for any countries. Many traveler Travel to Dubai for this airport.
Because about each flight land land this airport for rest in passengers. Dubai is the middle point landing for flight. The Arab emirates government benefits for their airport. It is the charming airport for all airports in the world. Roads are the main turning point for developing in any country.
So each road and highway in Arab Emirates are wonderful. That’s why today emirates is rich country. The capital of Emirates OS Abu Dabi. It is the other nice city of this country. Most important celebrity like this city for freshness.
There is some famous football club in this city. There play most important football player in Europe’s and others countries. Abu Dabi is famous for many wonderful Mosques. Five stars and more others hotel are situated in this city. Sometimes many visitor Travel to Dubai for fillings these Mosques.
Not only Abu Dabi, Dubai is famous for there’s five star, four star and three star hotel. It is the charming and comfortable. Many of tourists in the world go there for seeing it’s important site.
Any businessman’s choose this city for their own business. If the one third peoples in this country are foreigner but they are maximum is job holder. They participate in any development activities. In this activities more people Travel to Dubai in different times.
So over all Emirate and it’s each city is so charming so developed. We are known to all United Arab emirates especially Dubai how much importance of everything. As a result the south Asian people’s are benefited for this country.
South Asian each country exports their population in the Arab Emirates. Maximum time the tourist from the United States come to this city. American maximum  tourist’s Travel to Dubai City for their own business.
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