The movie or the movie of our lives leads to a much larger space. I would say edicted personally. Fourthly, a new movie release, how worried to begin with, and when I see. Lets to see Top 5 Expensive Movies at This Moment. While I do not buy CDs or DVDs of the movie, Let Sitting in tune with today’s Expensive Movie, you know which ones are the most Expensive Movie made ​​??
 No-01 : 
Pirates of the Caribbean series is the beginning of “At the End Worlds” Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Total cost was 300 million dollars.That one million means 10 Lac. That means 300000000 dollars unreliable. This movie released in 2007. It is the most Expensive Movie at this moment.
No-02 :
This Movie is number of two. Its name is a “Disney’s animated movie”. Name “Tangled”.Tangled Released in 2010. The cost of 60 million dollars was. Tangled is most Expensive Movie.
No-03 : 
Understand the type of cover, dispose, Spider-Man 3. The total cost of the movie at number 3 on the list have cost 258 million dollars. This Movie released in 2007.
No-04 : 
John Carter movie at number 4 on the list. The total cost of 50 million dollars. This Movie is so Expensive Movie in the world. It released in 2005.
No-05 :
Harry Potter, Half-Blood Prince Harry Potter series, number 5 on the list. Cost of around 249 million dollars. in the released of the movie in 2012. It is most Expensive Movie too. Above are the really Top 5 Expensive Movies at This Moment.
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