Obama's SpeechLet I  finished by addressing the elephant in the room here,
President Obama closed his speech at theatre Theatre’s today, which is the seeming inability to get into anything done in Washington these days.
Weren’t just arch wordplays (though bravo, White House speechwriters) the 6,646 thousand word speech used the word Republicans  actually twice.
Choose to play down partisan politic’s says a lot about Obama’s speech, and more about broadly, his Presidency.
Obama is someone individual who believes moderate solutions actually can solve huge problems, but faces an opposition who sees the tinkering with the welfare state as the moral equivalent of rewiring a murder machine.
He is a technocrat in  the ideological age, a framing that’s crucial to understanding what is actually going on in the CAP speech.
As befitting a speech hosted by  the policy shop like CAP, Obama’s speech was the more intellectual than your garden variety barnburner.
Obama's Speech
It was a peppered with references to studies and statistics: this bit a new study shows that disparities in  the education, mental health, obesity, absent fathers, isolation  to church, isolation from community groups  these gaps are now as much about growing up riches or poor as they are about anything else  should give you a taste of the  special flavor.
That line was the part of a fairly complex, especially by politician standards, the argument for why poverty is not primarily a problem about race and racism.
These wonky arguments were aimed at showing one the central point: income inequality is the defining challenge of  our time. The basic bargain at the heart of our economy about has frayed, Obama said, challenging the very essence of who we are as  the people.
Rising inequality threatens economic growth, family stability, and the  various functions of American democracy itself. It is a fundamental threat to the American Dream, our way of life, and  which we stand for around the globe.
Now, this pinpointing the problem type rhetoric is  actually a politician’s preamble to  which really matters: the policy proposals. But sitting in the audiences, the power of Obama’s speech felt reversed.
The fiery rhetoric about inequality given way to policy proposals like raising the minimum wage that’s been quite good as a bundle, but it’s not novel. This was not a speech rolling out a new agenda, but rather one of declaiming the moral urgency of the one the administration already had.
It was the right decision  to focus. President Obama, like  individually all mainstream progress, has no quarrel with the basic structure of American’s capitalism.
Obama's Speech


He supports  latest the system to address the challenges combining to the create deadly inequality  failing schools, a broken immigration system, stagnant wages, and the like’s  without totally revamping the role of the state in the American’s economy.
But that is not how Republicans see this. The conservative New York Times columnist Ross Douthat gave to my mind to the definitive explanation of why liberals like to President Obama and today’s conservatives think of Obama’s proposed welfare state reform’s so differently:
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