Top 5 Expensive Movies at This Moment

Top 5 Expensive Movies at This Moment

The movie or the movie of our lives leads to a much larger space. I would say edicted personally. Fourthly, a new movie release, how worried to begin with, and when I see. Lets to see Top 5 Expensive Movies at This Moment. While I do not buy CDs or DVDs of the movie, Let Sitting in tune with today’s Expensive Movie, you know which ones are the most Expensive Movie made ​​??
 No-01 : 
Pirates of the Caribbean series is the beginning of “At the End Worlds” Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Total cost was 300 million dollars.That one million means 10 Lac. That means 300000000 dollars unreliable. This movie released in 2007. It is the most Expensive Movie at this moment.
No-02 :
This Movie is number of two. Its name is a “Disney’s animated movie”. Name “Tangled”.Tangled Released in 2010. The cost of 60 million dollars was. Tangled is most Expensive Movie.
No-03 : 
Understand the type of cover, dispose, Spider-Man 3. The total cost of the movie at number 3 on the list have cost 258 million dollars. This Movie released in 2007.
No-04 : 
John Carter movie at number 4 on the list. The total cost of 50 million dollars. This Movie is so Expensive Movie in the world. It released in 2005.
No-05 :
Harry Potter, Half-Blood Prince Harry Potter series, number 5 on the list. Cost of around 249 million dollars. in the released of the movie in 2012. It is most Expensive Movie too. Above are the really Top 5 Expensive Movies at This Moment.
See and learn Top 10 Games in 2013

See and learn Top 10 Games in 2013

How are you my dear readers? Now I share with you the top
10 games in 2013. I know many men can play different games. But who are cannot rapidly learn and add here’s games. Don’t miss any games.
1. The Last of Us.
Top 10 Games
2. Grand Theft Auto V.
Top 10 Games
3. BioShock Infinite.
Top 10 Games
4. Super Mario 3D World.
Top 10 Games
5. The Legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds.
Top 10 Games
6. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.
 Top 10 Games
7. Saints Row IV.
Top 10 Games
8. Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
Top 10 Games
9. Tomb Raider.
Top 10 Games
Top 10 Games
10. Tearaway.
All Inclusive Vacations in Palm Island

All Inclusive Vacations in Palm Island

We are about all people in the world something known to the
modern wonder of Dubai. Dubai is the modern city into the any famous city in the world. About everything has the city of Dubai. All Inclusive Vacations in Palm Island has every tourist who are visit sometimes in this place.

Palm Island is one of the most important sites which attract the any people who are sometimes visited this city. Really Palm Island is a mega wonder now this time.

Palm Island

Palm Island has two artificial Islands in Dubai. Two Dutch and Belgian marine contractors build the modern artificial sites of Dubai. The Jan de nul and Van Oord is the main contractors who’s are built the wonderful Palm Islands in United Arab emirates. There are All inclusive vacations place than others place.

The wonderful place’s shape just a palm shape. The Palm Island has  many things like the residential place, leisure place and so suitable place of entertainment. It has 520 kilometers long beach for non public.

On the two Islands there will be over 100 plus luxury hotels, residential villas, many apartments, marinas, water theme parks, restaurants, shopping malls, sports facilities and health spas for different people who lives there. There are All Inclusive Vacations in the whole time.

The palm jumeira was started June at 2001. Shortly after announcing it will be finish into the year of 2006. It was the challenge of engineers in this project. After the third Island was started but this project was later remodeled and renamed to Deira Island.

Actually The Island was built sand dredged and so much rock. About seven million ton rock has the Palm jumeira breakwater. The Palm Jumeira’s working time was 2006 and the contractors of Dutch and Belgians they were successfully finished with this Islands project.

For protecting the Palm Island there are 210,000,000 cubic meter rock, sand and limestone that was reclaimed.

  • Palm Jumeirah–The Palm Jumeirah was consists of a tree trunk, a crown with 16 fronds and the Island that forms of about 11 kilometers long breakwater. The Island itself is 5 kilometers by 5 kilometers and it adds 78 kilometers coastline of Dubai. Residents of this Island moving at the end of 2006. A monorail opened in this land in 2009. But it is not connected to other public transport. It’s called All Inclusive Vacations tour.
  • Palm Jebel Ali–Palm Jebel Ali started in 2002 and it and was expected will be finished in middle 2008. The Palm Jebel Ali is 50% larger than Palm Jumeirah. It’s included six marinas, a water theme park, a sea village, homes built on steels. So Palm Jebel Ali is the same categories of Palm Jumeirah.
  • Who are the involved in Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali—Robert Berger 2000-2004.
  • Mounir Haider—-Chief of planning.
  • Scott Hutchinson—-Apartment construction engineer e.
  • Beauty of Palm Island of Dubai—–The beautiful Palm Island in Dubai is the charming place in the world. It has no competitor  in the world. Because the crown of Dubai wanted to build the project in a unique place. The place which situated in the in the sea. It was the difficult project for its engineers and contractors. Never they think that will be can successful project. Because it was so large project which never built any in the world. Besides it was the time of only five years. It was the main thought of this project. Nowadays who are like tour in many beautiful places in the world they firstly choose this entertainment place. Whose wants to see the reality of this place must they will go this charming place. Totally It’s called All Inclusive Vacations place.
  • So nice residence place—There are so nice residence house which wonder and comfortable. Each residence house is different. Many celebrities in the world have already had an owner or partner minimum one apartment. Because they like in this place. Called the Island is paradise.
  • Luxurious Hotels— There are many luxurious hotels in Pam Jumeirah in Dubai. This place has many five star even has many seven star hotels. It is the modern and fulfill of beautiness. It’s called the All Inclusive Vacations hotel in Palm Island.
  • Entertainment—- If we asked anyone what is entertainment? We told to go to the Palm Jumeirah and feeling what is entertainment. Because when the place was built for entertainment place was the main planning. It is the great side of Palm Jumeirah. Football celebrity Devid Beckham already has owner a nice apartment. Even many European celebrities have owner different apartments. Its real reason is so entertainment place.
Lastly we called the famous place of Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali is one of the  historical site for all people. All Inclusive Vacations in Palm Island is attractive.
Botanic Garden of Chicago in America

Botanic Garden of Chicago in America

A wonderful botanic garden of Chicago is the most enjoyable
place in America. It is situated in the large city of Chicago in America. Chicago is the not only largest and biggest it is the world famous city.

Here is situated in this botanic garden.

Any others botanic garden in the world more than famous Chicago botanic garden. Many of people in the world can go see this garden.

Botanic Garden of Chicago

American each person like their garden for beauty. If anybody’s tour of America he obviously tour in this place. The Chicago botanic garden is a biggest natural beauty in America.

Besides the members of this garden always serve this garden for its developing. The botanic garden in Chicago opened about 40 years ago as a beautiful place to visit.

To that’s year each person likes and love this place. It has matured into one of the world’s great living museums and conservation science centers. Every year, nearly 1.5 million peoples visit this interesting place.

The visitors visit 26 gardens and four natural areas uniquely situated on 385 acres of land on and nine islands the gardens. Six miles of shorelines extend along 82 acres of water, include the great Basin north lake and Skokie river corridors.

This garden already renowned bonsai collection. Bansai likes every person who visit this garden. Long time ago the maximum visitor went to this garden different beauty and specifically bonsai collection.

Botanic Garden of Chicago

The Chicago botanic gardens has 50,000 members in any botanic gardens in America. Then each member in this place attends every program for interest, enjoy. The Chicago botanic garden is one of only 17 public garden accredited by the American association of museums.

Its Lenhardt library contains 110,000 volumes totally one of the nation’s best collections of rare botanical books. Chicago botanic garden’s old name was Chicago horticulture society, founded in 1890.

Long time ago horticulture and flowers and others showing the Chicago botanic garden. After a period of inactivity, the botanic garden of Chicago is restarting in 1943.

Which name’s was the horticulture society of Chicago. In 1962 it’s modern history began when the society agreed to create the botanic garden that’s name is a public garden in Chicago.

Then the garden would start repairing and it’s finalization was in 1965. When it was all ok and ready for public it’s open in 1972 for all. The garden is one of the examples of successful public-private partnership.

The Chicago botanic garden’s owned the preserve district of cook country and operated by the Chicago horticulture society.

From its founding many architects who are famous in the world they designed in this garden in the new master plans.

After new design the garden is so popular in America. British famous landscape designer John Brooks Specially designed the English walled garden.

After 40th anniversary of this botanic garden the members of this garden shared 40th anniversary website includes a timeline of events, historical photos and etc.

Four community members share their experiences at the garden. So it is the most turning points which importance in this garden.

Nowadays all people in the world are known to the Chicago botanic garden which is wonderful. The tourist in the world who’s goes sometimes in America certainly they are going in this garden. Here is many charming spot’s which lucrative and  interesting.

Paris Top Tourist Attractions in France

Paris Top Tourist Attractions in France

We are all like to travel to any place in the world.
I would share in travel place in France. It is the capital of France named is Paris. Overall people in the world choose the place of Paris. Over all in the world Paris Top Tourist Attractions in France.

It is the most visited places in the world. Who is educated people they know everything in Paris. Paris is the capital of France. It is the biggest and the largest city in the whole world. It is the tourist attractions place in France.

Higher top ten cities in the world Paris is the most important city for all travelers. Paris is not only the capital of France but also it is the beauty in the world.


Not only spring or June-July but also all time is ok for tourists in this place. The scene of a night in Paris is so beautiful and interesting. The Eiffel Tower is one of the most important visited sites in Paris. For the top tourist attractions it’s the famous in Europe.

This tower is about 360 feet high and it is so charming for specifically in night times. The whole visitors in the world in whole seasons they are maximum go to the Paris to enjoy. The Eiffel tower is the famous top tourist attractions place in Europe.

When we are children we read and write about Eiffel tower. Anyone after seeing this tower he cannot forget its memories. If anybody asks question about Eiffel tower he can easily answer against this question. Besides it is a city that all travelers should experience. This city is unique for top tourist attractions.

The cab driver in Paris is so helpful. They help any passenger who is sitting in the cab. The french loaf of bread and cheese and sat on the pavement with a small bottle of wine. Each food in Paris is so interesting.

All people in the world can eat in Paris shops specialize in coffee houses. Someone eats different food and someone walking by there. Those foods are suitable for all. Paris is unique. Actually in Paris any time is ok.


On the other hand the security level in Paris is so high. Anybody cannot finish around visit in Paris within a week. Because Paris is the largest and historic city in the world. Roads are so nice in Paris. Specially France is so much famous for roads structure in Paris.

It is so width more than others roads in other cities. Many car speedily goes at the same time in Paris roads. Every tourist has a dream to travel in Paris. But each can not go there. Its pray to the great God for tourists in Paris.

Besides the shopping centers are so charming in the night time. In the morning time every place in Paris delighting and charming fresh air beautiful attractions everywhere. This city’s climate is not so good. It is so cold.

But every tourist like this city. In 12 month’s 9 months is so cold in Paris. But there are peoples are adjusting this climate. They have no cause to this climate. Paris is the largest city in the world. Paris situated on the river seine, in northern France.


Today it is one of the worlds leading business and cultural centers. It is influenced in politics, education, entertainment, media. Fashion, science and technology. Paris has many nicknames, but its most famous is “La-Ville-Lumiere (the city of Light).

Summer is the most suitable time to visit in Paris. There are many scooters and Motorcycles for travel. But if you are a good driver the Paris city it is a big problem if you don’t know any place in Paris. Summer season is best for top tourist attractions in France.

I love Paris, I visited many times in Paris, best times to visit Paris are April, May and October easy metro transport not many peoples speak English Expensive hotels and many restaurants, cheap metro tickets, easy travel to airports. So we called Paris Top Tourist Attractions in France.
Los Angeles Top Tourist Attractions in USA

Los Angeles Top Tourist Attractions in USA

We are known to all about the second populous city in the
United States of America in Los Angeles. United State is a big country in the world. It has many sites like different big cities. Los Angeles Top Tourist Attractions in USA is very popular more than other countries.

Los Angeles is the big city into the whole big cities of America. Called the second big city in America after the city of New York.

This city has many turning points to attract the whole people in the world. Los Angeles total area is 1215 square kilometers. Its population is near about 13 million. It is the Mega city in the world. Los Angeles is the city of California states of America.

The long Sea beach Santa Ana is situated in this area. The famous film industry Hollywood is situated in this city.

Much of tourists in the world goes this city for seeing the film industry Hollywood. Longest sea beach Santa Ana is most populous charming sites in this city. It is not only the Los Angels but also the United States of America’s proud.

Los Angeles

Because many tourists like the Santa Ana sea beach. All generation in the world known the famous film industry in Hollywood. Hollywood is the best tourist site for every traveler.

So for this reason this city is famous. Los Angeles was founded September on 4, 1781 by Spanish governor Feliepe de Neve. It was the Mexican area before the Mexican -American war. This city’s nickname is the city of angels.

When the city was independent then the city starts step by step so famous. Los Angeles is a Global city in the world.

This city is strengths in business,international trade, culture, media, entertainment, sports, technology, science, education, medicine and different research center. These citie’s globally rank is sixth and the 9th position of the global economic index in the world.

After the new York and Tokyo Los Angeles is the so important for each site such as economics and globalization. The Los Angeles is the economic power in the United States of America.

On the other hand many peoples who’s are the foreigner lives in this city. Asian, American, African and others nation lives in the second largest city of America. Besides this city is famous for spas.

The summer Olympic games in 1932 and 1984 held in the famous city. The biggest and charming airport of Los Angeles is so populous. The tourism hotels in the Los Angels is so charming.

Los Angeles

There are many  tourism hotels which charming and comfortable. All travelers like the every hotel in Los Angeles. The security of every tourist is fulfill.

Some of the famous things in this city is L.A.Live,TCL Chinese theatre,Griffith observatory, Capital Records building, Angeles flight etc. These are the most Choiceful sites for every tourist is continuing.

So we called the famous Los Angeles Top Tourist Attractions in USA is most important for everything not only the United States of America but also the whole world.
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